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Annie Paradis Comedic Acting Reel.

"COUCH" made for Off the Air on Adult Swim featuring Annie Paradis.

The Slam @ UCB May 2023 produced & hosted by Annie Paradis.

"Love is Blind: Hungry for Love", Co-written by & featuring Annie Paradis.

"THE ALTERNATE", Co-written by and featuring Annie Paradis.

Dramatic Sock Puppet Performance of the Most Climatic Scene from Blue Crush by Annie Paradis.

"God's Bucket", Written and featuring Annie Paradis.

Sizzle Reel for The Slam: a poetry comedy show produced and hosted  by Annie Paradis.

"Royal Taster", Featuring Annie Paradis, written by Lick Sketch Comedy.

"HORSES", Written by and featuring Annie Paradis.

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