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Performance as pleasure

 $225 | SUNDAYS 12-2 | 3/17-4/21 | PDA 2553 Fair Oaks Ave Altadena, CA 91001

This 6 week comedy workshop is for people wanting to make comedy that exists in the in between!


In this workshop we will explore making work that blends comedy with our own lived experiences so we can be fully present on stage and enjoy it! We will explore what amuses us about our own work and let that guide us to create pieces where we have a stake in it and can truly connect with the audience. We will be thinking things like: how can we include the audience in our own pleasure?


Format wise this class is the space between an open mic and a performance.


Each class will begin with writing, clown, movement, meditation and improv exercises that get us out of our heads and into our mind’s playground. For the second portion of the class, every week, we will bring in a 5 minute piece we are working on. This could be a blend of stand up set, visual art, a character, music, a sketch, a bit, a poem, a painting, a clown etc, that we want to develop. Each week you can bring a new piece you want to work on or spend the whole six weeks honing in on one piece.

There will be a class show at the end of the 6 weeks.


E-mail: to reserve your spot!


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